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Dental Bridges in Auburn, IN

Have you lost teeth due to physical trauma, disease, or accidents? Are you looking for a way to restore your smile with attractive, natural-looking replacements?

At Smiles for Life, we want you to enjoy the benefits a full, beautiful smile has to offer. With dental bridges, you can feel empowered to be confident, healthy, and shine bright.

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What’s A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a custom-made prosthetic that can fill in gaps in your smile caused by one or more missing teeth.

Dental bridges can make daily functions enjoyable again. With dental bridges, you will:

  • Have a complete smile once again
  • Prevent your natural teeth from moving around
  • Be able to speak clearly
  • Evenly distribute your bite pressure
  • Make chewing more natural and comfortable

Dr. Heffelfinger features both traditional and implant-supported bridges.

Types of Dental Bridges

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Traditional Bridges

If you’re missing a single tooth, or two in a row, Dr. Heffelfinger may suggest a traditional bridge. This restoration will use your real teeth as an anchor, with dental crowns attached to the end of the teeth so you have a natural-looking, stable bridge.

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Implant-Supported Bridges

If you’re missing more than two teeth in a row, Dr. Henninger can use an implant-supported bridge to restore your smile.

As opposed to traditional bridges, implant-supported bridges don’t use your natural teeth to anchor. Instead, Dr. Henninger will place implants to attach the bridge, providing excellent stability and function.

Frequently Asked Questions