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Porcelain Dental Veneers in Auburn, IN

Achieve a Flawless Smile With Porcelain Veneers

Unsure of the best way to eliminate smile imperfections? Customized porcelain veneers may be the right choice for you. Dr. Heffelfinger, our Auburn dentist, specializes in concealing those unsightly cracks, chips, and stains with veneers to give you that perfect smile. 

If you’re ready for a beautiful smile that you won’t be afraid to show off, schedule your consultation at Smiles for Life by calling our Auburn dental office at 260-925-4290.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are commonly known as the top solution for achieving a more luminous smile.The natural look of porcelain veneers boosts self confidence by ridding the teeth of any stains, gaps, or chips. Veneers are also highly recommended by Dr. Heffelfinger as they are:

  • Low maintenance 
  • Long-lasting — as long as 10 years when properly cared for
  • Customized uniquely for each individual
  • Minimally-invasive
  • Durable, as they’re made of strong porcelain materials

The Porcelain Veneers Process

Our Auburn dentist has created a process that’s quick and seamless, so you can achieve your flawless smile in a comfortable manner. Your veneer journey begins with a consultation to discuss your ideal smile and goals. This initial visit will also consist of a thorough examination to confirm your eligibility for porcelain veneers. Dr. Heffelfinger will tailor a treatment plan that works best for you and then you’ll be scheduled to have your veneers placed.

During the time of your veneer placement, Dr. Heffelfinger will begin by preparing the teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel. This allows enough room for the veneers to appear natural. He’ll then choose the color of porcelain that will blend flawlessly with your smile. 

Next, he’ll take digital impressions of your prepared teeth so the veneers can be specially crafted. At Smiles for Life, we use a digital smile design and treatment planning system where you and  Dr. Heffelfinger can see how your smile will look before the veneers are placed. Once your veneers have been created, Dr. Heffelfinger will bond them to your teeth. Any excess dental cement will be removed and necessary adjustments will be made to ensure the ultimate smile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you ready to achieve the smile of your dreams? At Smiles for Life, Dr. Heffelfinger can make your smile dreams come true with the help of custom porcelain veneers. To learn more veneers, or to schedule a consultation, call our Auburn dental office at 260-925-4290. You can also request an appointment by filling out our online contact form.

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