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Our Dental Technology in Auburn, IN

We incorporate the latest technology and advanced techniques to provide our patients with the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. Wherever we see a need for improvement, we incorporate equipment, products, and protocols that make your time in the treatment chair more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Explore the ways you’ll benefit from our technology.

Digital Smile Design & Planning

Using state-of-the-art digital design software, we’ll work with you to create the smile you’ve always desired. Our technology allows you to see your smile from a new perspective and helps Dr. Heffelfinger to clearly understand what you like and dislike about it. Instead of waiting weeks to see what your new smile is going to look like, we can digitally generate images and ensure that, together, we’re creating a plan to meet your health needs and keep you smiling for years to come.

before picture created with digital technology
technology created after treatment picture

Digital Impressions

Impression-Free Dentistry

Gagging shouldn’t be your first thought when it comes to visiting the dentist. Digital technology makes old impression methods a thing of the past. In addition to reducing the discomfort associated with getting an impression, digital impressions give us a more precise view of your bite, ensuring a proper fit with fewer adjustments. Less time in the chair means more time for people to admire your smile. This is just one of our services that will give you comfort knowing you’re getting the best dental treatment available in Auburn.

The video below shows you how dental technology is helping us serve you better and gives you a peek at how technology is changing the way we get a digital impression of your teeth.

Oral-DNA Saliva Testing

We use the same DNA testing technology that determines your ancestry as a valuable tool to fight gum disease. With DNA saliva testing, we can determine the type and quantity of bacteria infecting your gums to develop a treatment plan that’s completely customized to your individual condition. Using this technology, we can also tell if you’re more likely to develop a periodontal infection again so we can personalize a prevention plan, and check for diseases like cancer.

OraVerse – Numbness Reversal Treatment

With OraVerse, we can lessen the time you feel numb after your dental procedures so you can go back to school or work without worrying about biting your lip or feeling uncomfortable speaking. For most people, OraVerse helps them regain normal sensation twice as fast as normal.

Zicrobite Dentures

For patients who are missing a full arch of teeth, Dr. Heffelfinger is happy to provide his patented Zircobite® dentures. Seeing a need for a better denture, Dr. Heffelfinger teamed up with Stoller Dental Lab to create this denture system that doesn’t wear down as quickly as traditional acrylic dentures. Zircobite® uses high-quality zirconium, which is much stronger than acrylic.

Many patients who get a Zircobite® denture say they can eat foods that were too difficult to eat before treatment. They also report that Zircobite® dentures look and feel much more like natural teeth and they don’t wear down as quickly compared to their traditional dentures.

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