Our Philosophy We believe there really is a better way to practice dentistry

What to Expect as a New Patient

Your Treatment Plan Is just That: Yours.

Every patient has a unique set of needs and wants when it comes to their smile. A visit to the dentist should be worry-free and give you comfort with the care that you are receiving. That comfort starts with information. With information, you get knowledge so you can make the best decisions about the health of your teeth and your general well-being.

Our team truly enjoys the opportunity to serve patients. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your situation. Together, we’ll explore all treatment options and make objective and vital recommendations based on years of experience to ensure your health.

You won’t feel pressured or like you’ve somehow failed, but rather we’ll show you a path to keeping your smile healthy for years to come. We believe your smile has a unique impact on the world. We’ll work with you collaboratively to achieve world-class outcomes and keep you smiling for life.

Smiles for Life

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8am – 1pm | 2pm – 5pm
8am – 1pm | 2pm – 5pm