This is for parents and grandparents or young children. Studies show that bacteria which cause dental diseases like cavities and gum disease are actually passed from one mouth to another. So the next time you share a spoon or a drink with little Johnny you may be...

Earn free dentistry!

Smiles for Life will thank you with $50 anytime you refer someone to our office to become a patient. We Willa also give you friend $50 as a welcoming gift.

Fast Fillings!

We are testing a brand new product called Sonic Fill which will allow us to complete beautiful tooth colored restorations in a fraction of the time it use to take. This means shorter dental appointments. Who doesn’t like that?

Digital Panoramic Machine Now Here!

Smiles For Life is excited because we have upgraded to fully digital x-ray technology. These new Digital x-rays are much more diagnostic and easy for patients to view also. One more way we can use cutting edge technology to help you keep your smiles for...

New Technology Coming Soon!

Smiles For Life is excited because we are upgrading to fully digital x-ray technology by late this fall. We have purchased a new machine from the Panoramic corporation right here in Fort Wayne. Digital x-rays are much more diagnostic and as low as 1/4 the level of...